Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome Song by Prefects

This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It is not just because this song is special to me but the melody also helped it to be among my favorites. I am sure all the students of my school wanted to sing it but only a few got the chance in their life time because it is sung by only prefects on their investiture to welcome the guests. Here is the lyrics of the song.

Melody : Mr.Jayantha Dissanayake
Lyrics: Mrs.Arlene Perera


Warmly we welcome you Sir
Welcome ye we do..
With guests, teachers and children we welcome you..
Glad are we to have you here
To make our day so bright..
Welcome you Sir, gentlemen and ladies all a line//

A day we care and share
Prefects as we are.. prefects as we are…
Honoured Sir our pleasure’s great
We declare.. we declare…
Share the joy Prefects have achieved through the year..
Glad are we to have you here
Your presence as honoured..


We joyously sing and ring
The gladness of our hearts.. The gladness of our hearts…
To serve our alma mater
Prefects as we are.. Prefects as we are…
We joyously sing and ring
Your presence here today
Welcome ye Sir’s, guests, parents
Here do we say…..